Welcome to Kennet Island Radio

Kennet Island RadioWelcome to Kennet Island Radio – an online based Radio station manned by residents of Kennet Island and broadcast exclusively over the internet to residents of Kennet Island.

Before you run to your household radio, we only stream (broadcast) our station over the internet which means that you will need to use a media player such as Windows Media Player or Winamp to hear us!  As we’re an online radio station, there are also apps on most smart phones that will allow you to listen to us on the move too!


Well we broadcast throughout December and we felt it was about time we launched in style so will be relaunching on 31st March at 2pm and broadcasting live from the Kennet Island Easter Celebrations on the Piazza!  You can use the links to the right or use this flayer player:

So what’s the plan?

As the main studio is based in one of residents homes we’ve created a system that allows Presenters to broadcast from the comfort of their own home! Its likely that we’ll have automated programming during the week days with live shows during the evenings and at weekends.  This also means that we can broadcast live from Community Events, Residents Meetings etc.  We’re going to see how it works for the first year and if residents really enjoy Kennet Island Radio, we’ll look at trying to obtain a Long Term Restricted Service License so you could hear us on a standard radio set!

This project is open to all so If you want to be involved with Kennet island radio – as a presenter or behind the scenes – please let us know.